Peaceful protest for Arts and Culture broken up by police violence

Peaceful protest is rudely disrupted by riot police.

The peaceful protest and sit-in near parliament in the Hague was violently taken apart by fear mongering riot police out of the Hague and Rotterdam. Police took violent action upon people protesting by non-cooperation sitting in and singing . The The Netherlands turning into a police state, the proof is right here.
“Warning: Do NOT come to the Netherlands, cultural meltdown in progress!”

Translation in chronoligical order:
title: Protest against budget cuts on art and culture. 26 June 2011 Lange Poten, The Hague (parliament)

-“Government, government, everything down the drain” (1:32)
-1 minute of silence for art and culture (1:57)
-“police-state, police-state” (4:36)
-“no violence, no violence” (5:47)
-here there are more people than the 300 reported in the media (6:24)
-the guy arrested here only protested through non-cooperation (7:00)
-“Rutte thanks/ Rutte is scared” Rutte (capitalist liberals) is our PM, a grey mouse like Balkenende (christian-democrats) before him. (7:28)
-Another aggressive policeman, again protest through non-cooperation (8:17)
-National anthem (9:33)
-“Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.” Mahatma Ghandi

20th of September 2011: Protest against budgetcuts in The Hague, for more information:

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2 Responses to Peaceful protest for Arts and Culture broken up by police violence

  1. Sp00kje says:

    Misschien kan je eens contact opnemen!

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