Leakspin #09Tripoli417, Khadaffi on Africom, security, Somalia, G8 …

!!Warning!! The following video contains disturbing content.

ID: 09Tripoli417.
Date: 26th of May, 2009.

Summary. Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi told visiting
Commander of U.S. Africa Command General William Ward that Libya
supported the establishment of common African institutions, such
as an African Ministry of Defense, and expressed hope that the
Obama administration would not pursue a policy of military
intervention in Africa, as he felt a U.S. military presence on
the continent could be a trigger for terrorism. Al-Qadhafi said
he hoped President Obama could travel to Libya in early July to
address the African Union summit, as well as meet him at the G-8
conference in Italy later in the month. Al-Qadhafi expressed a
desire for cooperation with U.S. Africa Command in the fields of
counter-terrorism and counter-piracy. Gen. Ward’s meeting with
Foreign Minister Musa Kusa reported septel.

Khadaffi characterized the Chinese approach as soft, the U.S.
as hard, and predicting that China would prevail because it does
not interfere in internal affairs. He criticized what he said
was a U.S. tendency to place military bases near energy sources,
observing that the U.S. did this in the Gulf of Guinea, it would
spark terrorism. Turning to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
al-Qadhafi questioned what he characterized as U.S. support for
Israel at the expense of Palestine, and advised that it would be
in the best interest of the U.S. to support the Palestinians.

The Leader concluded his remarks by expressing a
desire for President Obama to come to the African Union Summit
in Libya in July, and after that meet him in Italy at the G-8

He questioned the U.S. military presence in
Djibouti, noting military power would be used by extremists to
justify terror. He then proceeded to identify two sources of
terrorism, Wahabism and Switzerland. Qadhafi stated that the
Swiss banking system was used to fund terrorists.
On the topic of Somali piracy, al-Qadhafi asserted that
“foreign entities” had violated Somalia’s territorial waters.

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  1. Someone said this quote and i thought it might fit your blog “When you realize how perfect all things are, you’ll tilt your head back and laugh with the sky.”

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