Leakspin #10Cairo145, human rights & guantanamo detainees

ID: 10Cairo145.
Date: 31st of January, 2010

-In meetings January 13-14, A/S Posner told activists and opposition
politicians that the U.S. is seeking ways to advance human rights and
political participation over the coming 12-18 months.

-Activists urged the U.S. to end a “double standard” on Israeli
human rights violations, close Guantanamo and speak out
against Egypt’s repression.

-Opposition political leaders agreed that prospects for
significant political reform are slim while President Mubarak
remains in office. Most expected Mubarak to be a candidate in
2011, and predicted the military would play a role in succession to
ensure stability.

-Former Presidential candidate Ayman Nour urged A/S Posner to
press the GOE to stop interfering with opposition political activity,
and to allow him to work and travel.

A/S Posner told activists the U.S. is interested in how to
advance human rights in Egypt over the next 12-18 months to improve
people’s lives. He said the U.S. would pursue a traditional human
rights agenda to address police brutality, restrictions on NGOs,
freedom of expression and assembly problems, sectarian tensions,
and the State of Emergency.

Source urged the U.S. to “practice what it preaches” on human rights
by closing the Guantanamo Bay prison. Bahgat called on the U.S. to
end a “double standard on Israeli human rights violations,” and
expressed disappointment with the U.S. position on the Goldstone
Report, which he asserted “makes it harder for us to
cooperate with you” on human rights.

Source complained that the U.S. denied him entry to the Guantanamo
Bay prison to visit a prisoner he was trying to represent.

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